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Commercial property insurance may be one of the best tools you can have to minimize risks to your business equipment. If your company has expensive equipment it relies on to function, it becomes essential for you to have insurance coverage for it. A basic property insurance policy may offer some protections here. READ MORE >>

Let’s say that one day, your boat sustains damage. You might have a wreck, or an unforeseeable occurrence might damage it. If the damage falls into a scenario covered by your boat insurance, then you might have help available paying for the damage costs. READ MORE >>

A Business Owner's Policy, or BOP, is a specific type of business insurance policy. It specialized in providing coverage for many of the risks your company is likely to face. It covers the common things, so to speak. Having business insurance is critical. However, your policy also needs to reflect the specific needs of your company. READ MORE >>

As a form of cyber threat, ransomware is a growing concern for many businesses who have online presences. Though your business insurance may offer some type of cyber theft coverage, it is nevertheless critical to understand how to prevent attacks from this particular threat. READ MORE >>

While most employers understand that they must have workers' compensation insurance, it is less understood how to correctly file a workers' compensation claim. Let's go over a checklist for filing a timely and comprehensive claim if the occasion arises. Workers' Compensation Claim Checklist 1. READ MORE >>

Garages are not simply store rooms for junk. They can also house some of your most valuable possessions. Your car, a boat, expensive sports gear, electronics and more might all live within its walls. These items all need protection. So, you’ll often want your homeowners insurance to cover these possessions. READ MORE >>

You already know that you need to protect your business by having the right amount of liability insurance coverage. What you might not know is why this is highly beneficial for the growth of your company. Here are the top five benefits of having general liability insurance. Benefit #1: Protection Against the Unexpected READ MORE >>

Do you drive a vehicle as part of your course of business? In that case, you’ll likely need commercial auto insurance. And, whenever you get behind the wheel, the rules of the road will still apply. If you commit a serious driving offense, like driving under the influence (DUI), you’ll face consequences. READ MORE >>

Insight for business owners and risk managers provided by Herbert L. Jamison & Co., L.L.C. The insurance marketplace is a funny place; pricing and availability can appear and disappear seemingly at random, and predicting changes is more an art form than a science. READ MORE >>

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) addresses the privacy of individuals’ health information by establishing a federal standard concerning the privacy of health information and how it can be used and disclosed. Background READ MORE >>

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